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Finding cheapest tool for scanning OEM specific OBD PIDs

[MegaLog viewer HD + CL2000 Logger]

I. Trial and error

I could not found anything fulfilments for my requirement among those below.
All has their own characteristic and values but none of these are enough to utilize it.

[ Tested program & tools ] 

CANVas with CL2000 from CSS electronics / PC
TouchScan ( =OBDWiz ) / PC 
OBDFusion / iphone
CAR Scanner / iphone
Torque PRO / Android
BimmerCode & BimmerLink / iphone
Carly / Android
MHD F-Series / Android

II. Conclusion 


Actually, This is a device the most affordable given the features I need and the extra features like OEM specific pids scanning by OBD ports.

Let OP ( = Pay attention ) !!

  • Logging data could not be exported as excel file.
  • In case of BMW 320d and possibly all F-Series, Engine Live streaming value is not shown while engine is running but if engine is turn off, immediately value start to show up and it is streamed. 

III. Search ETI Members

If manufacturer of your OBD tool is an ETI member, it is likely that the manufacture can make ones that support OEM specific pids.

-The End –