ECON5 “You can modifiy ECU Map data by your own wishes”

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ECON5 is a jack-by-jack method that makes it easy to attach and detach, and you can easily customize data in matrix map according to real-time changing variables like rpm and throttle/accel input.

Of course, stage1 level tunning map are freely provide and continulously updated for most of car from HYNDAI and KIA .

You can import those map data from our map server by clicking buttons in the user interface.

Because of fast smooth waveform Implementation by using 12Bit ADC/DAC and using P-CAN which is power train CAN, not D-CAN data for diagnosis, it is much precise, responsiveness and smooth than any other simllar device currently out there.





✔ Precise and fast engine control (12Bit ADC/DAC )
✔ Responsiveness according to vehicle real-time status by P-CAN
✔ Smooth & sliky driving by fine tune of matricx data
✔ Changing maps in real time by drive mode button in your car
✔ Changing maps in real time by your phone ( Andriod & Apple app )
✔ Engine protection function
✔ Logger file generation functon

Main unit & Cable  ( * Cable for gasoline/petrol engine included )
S/W activation 
P/C Software download  &  iphone & android app avaialble


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