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Available tuningfiles *excel file attached

Dear All,

Currently, there are 886 tuning files which are ready to download from our database.
Each files has 2 versions original and stage 1 version.

Please seet the attachments excel file for more detail.

Number of tuningfiles

  • HYUNDAI : 410
  • KIA : 224
  • SSANGYONG : 110
  • Renault samsung : 82
  • Chevrolet : 55
  • GM Daewoo : 55

Number of model

  • Accent (Verna)
  • Actyon
  • Actyon Sports
  • All New Carnival
  • All New Sorento
  • All New Sportage
  • All New Tucson
  • Avante
  • Avante (Elantra)
  • Avante Sport (Elantra)
  • Aveo
  • Aveo RS
  • Bongo3
  • Captiva
  • CarnivalR
  • Ceed
  • Cruze
  • Elantra
  • Forte KOUP
  • G4 Rexton
  • G4 Rexton Sports
  • Genesis Coupe
  • Grand Carnival
  • Grand Starex
  • Grandeur
  • Granduer
  • H1
  • H200
  • HD35
  • HM
  • H-Serie
  • i20
  • i30
  • i30N
  • i40
  • ix20
  • ix35
  • K3
  • K3 KOUP
  • K5
  • K7
  • Kona
  • Korando
  • KorandoC
  • KorandoSports
  • Kyron
  • Lacetti Premier
  • Lacetti Premiere
  • Libero
  • Malibu
  • Maxcruz
  • Mohave (Borrego)
  • New i30
  • New SorentoR
  • New SportageR
  • Optima
  • Porter2
  • Pride (Rio)
  • QM5 (Koleos)
  • Rexton
  • Rio
  • Rodius
  • Santa Fe
  • Santa Fe the Style
  • Sonata
  • Sorento
  • SorentoR
  • Soul
  • Sportage
  • SportageR
  • Stinger
  • Stonic
  • Terracan
  • the New Sorento
  • Tivoli
  • Trajet XG
  • Trax
  • Tucson
  • TucsonIX (iX35)
  • Tuscani
  • Veloster
  • Veloster N
  • Veloster N (Korean)
  • Veracruz (iX55)

Thank you



Last updated date 28th JUN 2020.

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How to download racesolution WINOLS tuningfiles.

Dear ECU Tuning Enthusiasts, Professionals & amatuers,

Like many others repectable tunner out there, we are very proud that racesolution also able to provide solid and realiable ECU tunning files for you.

We put ton of time to make these tunning files but quantity and variation is not huge currently.
Because every file we have are actually we’ve used for actual cars and tested by our own hands.

It is completely free to subscribe ‘racesolution tunningfiles database’ to see what files are available.
Please follow LOADMAP below to understand whole process and the platform to download the tunnigfiles from our database and using it in your WINOLS S/W.

If you are not famiiler with the word ‘WINOLS’, please check this link first.


Join racesolution membership

Register your winols account as racesolution customer

Connecting your winols to our tunning file database

Buy racesolution credit to download tunning files

Customer services

1st, Join racesolution membership.

Join member at racesolution and register your winols account number in your profile as you see below.
then, your account is automatically connected to racesolution which mean you are able to see our tunning files in your winols immediately.

2nd, register your winols account as racesolution customer.

Register your winols account in your profile

3rd, Connecting your winols to our tunning file database.

You need to own the WINOLS S/W at first place. If you are not famillar with the S/W, least of explanation are useless for you. if you want to find out more about WINOLS, please check this URL.

4th, Buy racesolution credit to download tunning fileson tunningfiles database.

Assume that you already know your WINOLS account and you willing to see what files we have.
It is completely free to subscribe ‘racesolution tunningfiles database’.

Check your status of WINOLS account.

Check your WINOLS account whether it is registerd as racesolution customer .

If you see ‘OK’ sign in below, it means you are ready to use ‘racesolution tunningfile database’.

5th, Customer services.

Appendix. EVC credit platform.

Credit you buy is actually stored in EVC, you are able to check remaining balance this page by login.
When you purchase tunningfiles from us, your credit is deducted from your winols account in real time.

– The END –

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VBOX Sport – New GNSS Engine

Racelogic are upgrading the GPS receiver in the VBOX Sport to be multi-constellation. The new receiver operates at 10 Hz and will be able to use GPS & GLONASS for positioning. No pricing or part numbers will be affected.

The external antenna suitable for use with VBOX Sport is now the RLACS215 GPS/GLONASS antenna. 

Performace Comparison

VBOX Sport 10 Hz gains an added benefit by using a dual constellation solution for signal processing (GPS and GLONASS). By using both constellations together we are able to calculate a much more accurate speed and position signal in challenging GNSS reception areas. Challenging areas include tree lined roads, tall buildings and large structures that can block and reflect GNSS signals.

Here is a scenario driving through town in a challenging GNSS signal reception area due to tall building close to the road. During the test we compared the new 10 Hz VBOX Sport against the older 20 Hz VBOX Sport. As you can see the speed and position signals on the blue trace (20 Hz GPS only VBOX) are heavily affected by multipath reflection. 

Speed (Red = 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS, Blue = 20 Hz GPS Only), as the vehicle moves into a poor GNSS signal reception area speed signal degrades for the GPS only VBOX (blue).


Satellite lock during the recording (Red = 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS, Blue = 20 Hz GPS Only), note that 12 GNSS satellites are maintained on the 10 Hz VBOX. The VBOX 10 Hz can see and track more than 12 satellites, it chooses the best 12 satellites to use to produce the best speed and position signal possible.


Even though the sample frequency has dropped from 20 Hz to 10 Hz the quality of the speed and position signals has significantly improved. Also note the drop in sample frequency does not impact acceleration, deceleration and lap timing results, this is due to interpolation within software. For most, if not all, motorsport and automotive applications the difference between 10 Hz and 20 Hz is negligible.

In poor GNSS reception areas we would actually expect to see an improvement on lap timing results due to better signal quality.

– The End –