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The tastiest roads in the Netherlands?

The tastiest roads in the Netherlands?

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Okay, okay, you’re being bothered on all sides in the Netherlands to steer a piece, but it’s still possible. Here a list with some ‘nice roads’. Betting that this list can be supplemented?

A decent car is almost unaffordable by all taxes, the speed limits are low, the measuring techniques of the police are becoming more sophisticated and the fines, yes, ever higher. Is it really no longer possible to steer a game in the Netherlands? Yes it is. Here a list of fine roads.

1. The road to the Langevelderslag beach in Noordwijk, Zuid-Holland.

2. The Europaweg on the last stretch of Maasvlakte – nice curves!

3. The Sibbergrubbe : beautiful road up towards Valkenburg, Limburg

4. The ramp to the A50 from the A12 is , if it is a little quiet, also a very nice one.

5. The roundabout at the Insulindelaan in Eindhoven , from North to South is also good to drive your car through. There is a bump in, which takes your car away from the asphalt!

6. On the Larsseringweg in Dronten you can really take a good turn right. Well organized and almost no traffic.

We are not going to say that these are the best roads in the Netherlands. There are certainly better tips. So: come on, hang them underneath. If there is really a picture of a very, very good road to do … Then we plan a driving test there soon!

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