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Best solution from most experienced company for HYUNDAI & KIA

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Power and Torque UNIT Converter

Racesolution is using ‘PS’ for horsepower unit and ‘Nm’ for torque which is commonly used in this field. Horse power PS = DIN = CV...

4 steps dyno measurement for repeatability and accuracy

Ver 0.9_ racesolution.nl INDEX Check the Vehicle Load and positioning the Vehicle Executing the Measurement Unloading CONTENTS 1.   Check the Vehicle Check previous log, if...

Quick to know about J2534

I. What is J2534 ? https://www.kvaser.com/about-can/can-standards/j2534/ https://www.sae.org/standards/content/j2534/1_201510/ I. NASTF Re-program data disclosure status Below is a list of how each car maker is reprogrammed and...

Finding cheapest tool for scanning OEM specific OBD PIDs

[MegaLog viewer HD + CL2000 Logger] I. Trial and error I could not found anything fulfilments for my requirement among those below. All has their...

OBD Protocols, PIDs

I. Background Info  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-board_diagnostics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBD-II_PIDs II. OBD-II Services or Modes III. SAE J1962  H/W  IV.OBD-II Protocols  http://www.obdtester.com/obd2_protocols https://www.outilsobdfacile.com/communication-norm-obd.php -The End-

‘ATG Calculator’ Measuring volumetric efficiency of your engine !!

[ http://atgtraining.com/atg-volumetric-efficiency-calculator/ ] To perform a VE test, all you need is: A vehicle with a MAF sensor A VE calculator A Scan Tool displaying...

BMW ECU MED17/EDC17 Cloning Service

We do ‘ECU Clone service’ for listed vehicles below. Cloned ECU will be a plug and play with no aditional programming needed. Available Diesel vehicles....

Dyno training that you must know

Dynocom   Dynojet 1~6  Mainline Dyno Training MTI 1~17

How to properly close lid on ECU after open.

Basically, ECU are designed without assuming that lid can open. I contacted an senior engineer who has been working with a world-class electronics company for...